Lotushints is a personal weblog by Vladimir Kocjancic, a software developer with vast experience in Lotus Notes, .NET, C and C++ application development.

I’ve been writing this blog since 2008, although, lately, I do not post as regularly as I was or want to.

I am most proud of being one of three original developers of an automated small brewery. That project excerpted every inch of my knowledge and extended it even further beyond. Other notable projects I did was Bandwidth monitoring application (which is still in use today), digital anemometer which now only exists as bunch of VHDL and C++ code on my computer and lately .NET Membership, Role and Profile providers which use WCF services to communicate with an actual database.

Currently, I am doing a cloud based time-logging application called TimeLoggerLive. The application is meant to reduce the time needed for daily task logging. Check it out!

As of June 12th 2013, you can also follow me on twitter as @Lotushints.


As mentioned, Lotushints is a personal weblog. All opinions expressed here are entirely mine and of no one else. Not even my current or any past employer, their affiliates, my family or my dog. I also do not vouch for correctness of my posts. As said, they represent my opinions, my knowledge gathered throughout the years and my code written at home in late hours of the evening.

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