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Memory leaks in .NET?

In olden times, when I did C and C++ development, memory leaks were a common thing. From time to time I still wake up from nightmares in which I debug, trace and try to locate and plug memory leaks (of course, as this is nightmare, I fail to do either, or it wouldn’t be a […]

Firefox – new release cycle observation

So working as I always do with Firefox – you know, several windows, kazillion of tabs – I have lately discovered that my PC was running slow nearing the end of a working day. Now, for first 100 times, I just ignored the fact that my 3,33 GHz Core i5 Workstation with 4GB of RAM […]

Cleaning behind you

Ending up a big project, I was brimming with confidence. The code was well structured, it ran fast despite using external web services and on top of that, it worked on test system. Oh boy, did it work. I should have seen a warning sign there. But no. I let my vanity kickĀ  in and […]