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Make it pink

There is always interesting time, when new project is on the board. This time it was a mobile application and me and my coworkers were tossing ideas left and right. So a discussion got a turn to what color scheme should user interface use. Mostly out of fun (and some out of envy), I claimed: […]

Must read books for every developer

A few years back, I got suck into a conversation of my colleagues on book reading and it surprised me. And not in a good way. In a conversation of six, four of them didn’t read books (apparently due to lack of time) and one read only popular Sci-fi and fantasy books. The remaining one […]

Top 5: How to know your company doesn’t understand software development

1. Your direct superior believes unit tests can replace technical documentation 2. No matter how convincing your arguments are, project manager is always right. 3. There is no sign of a bug tracking software. 3a. In a chance there is, it is not used. 3b. If it is used, it is used in totally wrong […]