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Cleaning behind you

Ending up a big project, I was brimming with confidence. The code was well structured, it ran fast despite using external web services and on top of that, it worked on test system. Oh boy, did it work. I should have seen a warning sign there. But no. I let my vanity kickĀ  in and […]

Web services and arrays in LotusScript

Recently, I was working on an agent that used a web service to export data. Now, I don’t know if you noticed, but for some reason, consuming services is way easier in LotusScript than it is in Java. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, you need to import Axis in Java […]

Web Services on ND8 vs ND7

One would think, creating and running web services on ND8 should not be incompatible with ND7 process. Wrong. There are a few quite important differences when creating web services on ND8 instead of ND7. You can now create clients. The one we’ve all been waiting for since ND7 came out. Web services created/built on ND8 […]

Securing Web Services

Last week I wrote my first web service (yay!). I am not going to write about that, as process of creating web services is nicely described at IBM developerworks. But, back to my service. The service is used to do some work that only my consumer application should be able to do. However, due to […]