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Upgraded myself to R8 certification

So now, I am titled Lotus Notes 8 Advanced application developer. For those of you who are still not sure weather to go or not… Go. It is not that difficult. But first learn a thing or two about Composite applications, DXL import/export and new document collection methods.

Custom web forms – Part 2: Importing Form from DXL

In the second part of Custom web forms series I will try to cover import of simple form to Notes database from DXL file. If you wonder how to export a form to DXL, please check Part 1: Exporting Form into DXL.

Custom web forms – Part 1: Exporting Form into DXL

The one thing that in my opinion always lacked in Lotus Notes was the ability for users without designer access (and much knowledge of HTML) to build their own custom forms. One might argue that it is not that big of a deal and that it would take an experienced developer approximately one hour to […]