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Appearance matters

You worked on a project for months. You made kazillion overtime hours to implement yet another feature that made it look just a little bit more like a rocket. It is your baby. You are proud of it. It cannot be crashed by a meteorite hitting Earth, it runs faster than the speed of light […]

Quick tip: Calling Wcf over ajax parser error problem

If you are using Telerik controls and you decide that it would be nice to have jQuery making an ajax call to your WCF service, make sure that you remove all instances of RadCompression http module from web.config (as described here) file or weird things will start to happen. In my case, WCF service should […]

JQuery, AJAX and IE

On our FlipIT service web page, we experienced an interesting problem. There is a “Did you know” (DYK) section that refreshes upon clicking the link. Behind all that is an AJAX created with JQuery $.get method. All normal thus far. Until IE steps into the picture. I don’t know if the same behaviour is in […]

Banner animator v1.1

In order to display multiple banners in single spot (and to keep web site from becoming tacky), you will need some sort of client side script that will display first one banner, then the second one etc. This is called banner animator (or even ad animator). In this case, the functionality is written in JavaScript, […]