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Quick Tip: Create custom server controls with a grain of salt

In asp.net world, creating custom server controls has become some sort of a standard. In fact, it is so easy to create a server control, that developers usually do it without thinking. The problem is, that server controls are a bit more complex than an average Joe would think. There are bunch of things you […]

Code working != Done

You know why people are so keen on MVC frameworks? Because it forces developers to separate UI, data model and business logic. Sure, I have seen people still mixing responsibilities in MVC, but I have never seen such gigantic f**kups as with ASP.NET Web Forms. I am willing to bet that if you assign random […]

Quick tip: Creating multiple user controls with simillar properties

Imagine you just created 4 or 5 or n different Web user controls in your ASP.NET WebForms application. Now you realized that they all share some properties. This is a problem, because it means you are having nearly identical code in multiple spots. What you can do is create a partial public class that inherits […]

Domino URL cheat sheet

Lately I tried to integrate some C# application with Lotus Notes application data. Hence, I needed to display view contents in some way. Naturally I googled for solution on how to display view contents as JSON and came across Domino URL Cheat sheet. Even though I lately decided to go with XML display (mostly because […]