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Code working != Done

You know why people are so keen on MVC frameworks? Because it forces developers to separate UI, data model and business logic. Sure, I have seen people still mixing responsibilities in MVC, but I have never seen such gigantic f**kups as with ASP.NET Web Forms. I am willing to bet that if you assign random […]

Design patterns – Part 10: Builder pattern

In part 10 of Design pattern series we will take look at Builder design pattern. Albeit much similarity, this pattern it is not to be mistaken with Abstract factory pattern. As Abstract Factory emphasizes a family of products and returns the product immediately, Builder focuses on constructing complex object step by step, returning product in […]

Design patterns – Part 9: Mediator pattern

This week, I present to you not much used, but quite useful Mediator pattern. Mediator pattern provides a unified interface to set of interfaces in a subsystem. Or, to simplify… Mediator pattern is mediator for communication between several classes.

Design patterns – Part 8: State pattern

State pattern is probably most used in review cycles. The definition says: State pattern allows an object to appear as it can change its class by altering its behaviour and state. What are you talking about? Well, imagine you are in need to build a bug tracking database.  Bug reports in basics have four states. […]

Calling Java classes from LotusScript

Have you ever wondered how you could call already written and quite useful Java classes in your LotusScript code? To me, this moment was, when I was trying to implement other department’s code into my own. Unfortunately I wasn’t skilled enough in ways of object development, LS2J  and googling back then to actually figure out […]

Design patterns – Part 7: Template method pattern

In this article, I would like to present you a design pattern that is not so common, but for sure, I wish, that in the past I would have used it. It would certainly make my life much easier. So, what is this Template method pattern all about? The Template Method Pattern defines the skeleton […]

Problems with names.nsf refresh

At work, we experienced an interesting problem. We use public servers names.nsf to register new web users. However, a couple of months back, that suddenly stopped working. A person document was created, user was added to all required groups, but upon login, a user would obtain an error that he is not authorized to perform […]

Version control and bug tracking

In my years of developing software, I come to realize that what every software development department needs is: some sort of IDE with a compiler version control and bug tracking. Usually you get stuck with IDE with a compiler. Everything else is up to you. But how are things in Lotus Notes?

Multilingual applications

The other day, at work, there was a discussion about possible ways to create an application that could easily be ported into different languages. At the end, we got stuck on two possibilities. One was to simply make a new copy of the database and translate all design elements. The second one was to have […]