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Sametime 8.5 rant

As upgrading to Domino 8.5.1 went so fine, it is time to upgrade our only Sametime server. Yes. Only Sametime server. We are a company of 80 and there is really no need for something more. Specially as we use WebEx as a meeting and conferencing software.

Upgrading to 8.5.1

Come end of last week, we started upgrading our servers to release 8.5.1. I did test upgrade of our development server couple of days back and find it incredibly easy. All test servers were installed in some 15 minutes. Without a glitch. Yeay for us and let’s go upgrade our production servers.

Lotus Notes 8.5.1

With the abundance of posts out there, I thought I would chip in my 5 cents worth. Yes, I know I am a bit late. Release 8.5.1 is for LotusScript developer everything he could ever hope for. Specially if you are into OO programming. Finally you don’t have to check your old classes what parameters […]

What not to do in multi-domain evnironment

There is one thing you oughtn’t do in multi-domain environment. Ever. We did it, as it was needed to successfully connect Cisco Click-to-call plug-in for Sametime with Cisco Presence server.

System time is not in sync with Domino time

A funny thing happened to our servers on multiple occasions. Server system time was not equal to Domino server time. Some times they were even as much as 5 minutes apart.

Security Certificate expiration in Lotus Domino on May 18th 2009

Got this e-mail from IBM Notes & Domino team todayand thought it worthy of sharing with public… What is happening The certificate for some Java applets in Lotus Domino 6.5.x, Domino 7.0.x, Domino 8.0.x, and Domino 8.5 have an expiration date of May 18, 2009. Starting May 19th, Web users will see a dialog with […]

Securing names.nsf content from the web

Database names.nsf on public servers usually contains all details about users, groups, server configurations. With R8 this content is now seen on the web by default. There are plenty of possibilities how to secure the data. The easiest one though is to check Don’t allow URL open on application properties.  As always there is a […]

Problems with names.nsf refresh

At work, we experienced an interesting problem. We use public servers names.nsf to register new web users. However, a couple of months back, that suddenly stopped working. A person document was created, user was added to all required groups, but upon login, a user would obtain an error that he is not authorized to perform […]

Web Services on ND8 vs ND7

One would think, creating and running web services on ND8 should not be incompatible with ND7 process. Wrong. There are a few quite important differences when creating web services on ND8 instead of ND7. You can now create clients. The one we’ve all been waiting for since ND7 came out. Web services created/built on ND8 […]

Domino Linux startup script – Addon

An error has come to my attention. Linux startup script for domino does not work by default. Instead it returns an error in a form of: “tty is disabled during system start up”. What you can do, if you have sufficient rights (otherwise, ask your admin to do it), is to add the following line […]