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Microsoft cuts passwords to 16 chars

This week a big news broke out. Web mail service Hotmail apparently cut passwords to 16 character of length for years, despite allowing users to enter unlimited number of characters. According to arstechnica.com this applies to all Microsoft online services, i.e. Passport authentication. Now, this in itself is not a worry. Allowing 16 characters is […]

Microsoft WebMatrix

Last week I got notification of new Microsoft product release. Intrigued by some screenshots I decided to download and install Webmatrix. For those that cba to go to official site, Webmatrix is a combo of upgraded Visual studio WebDeveloper, IIS 7.5 express and MSDE. What is a big plus is that it knows kung-fu… Not […]

Microsoft Expressions SuperView beta

Ok. So this post is totally out of line. Be sure that it wouldn’t found it’s space up here if it wasn’t for it’s all around usability. Microsoft Expressions SuperView help you see how your website would behave in different browsers. You can read Expressions SuperView blog for further details or download and try it […]