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Are Notes really built for Java?

This is what I came to ask myself constantly this past few months. Lately, I’ve been noticing that vast majority of all erra on server is due to some java library error. For example, we experience an annoying issue, when at certain point, Notes decide that some Crypto library is missing and doesn’t load up […]

Calling Java classes from LotusScript

Have you ever wondered how you could call already written and quite useful Java classes in your LotusScript code? To me, this moment was, when I was trying to implement other department’s code into my own. Unfortunately I wasn’t skilled enough in ways of object development, LS2J  and googling back then to actually figure out […]

Web Services on ND8 vs ND7

One would think, creating and running web services on ND8 should not be incompatible with ND7 process. Wrong. There are a few quite important differences when creating web services on ND8 instead of ND7. You can now create clients. The one we’ve all been waiting for since ND7 came out. Web services created/built on ND8 […]