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Why Selected event handling should be banned

So… Lately, admins of a web application I wrote several years ago got my attention for claiming the app getting slow. Now, as I, as a regular user of the same app, never noticed any performance issues, I decided to investigate. First problem I encountered was that integration and testing environment had way too little […]

Design patterns – Part 11: Bridge pattern

In part 11 of Design pattern series we will go into creating and using the Bridge design pattern. It is moderately used and uses encapsulation, inheritance and aggregation to separate responsibilities into other classes. The Bridge pattern decouples an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently.

Custom user sidebars in web applications

When I was assigned to rebuild company’s web site for the second time in 7 or 8 years, I have decided that it is probably the time to implement some modularity to the database. First in line were sidebars. Why? Well, despite “awesome” notes rich text to HTML rendering, web content was always contained in […]

Problems with names.nsf refresh

At work, we experienced an interesting problem. We use public servers names.nsf to register new web users. However, a couple of months back, that suddenly stopped working. A person document was created, user was added to all required groups, but upon login, a user would obtain an error that he is not authorized to perform […]

Multilingual applications

The other day, at work, there was a discussion about possible ways to create an application that could easily be ported into different languages. At the end, we got stuck on two possibilities. One was to simply make a new copy of the database and translate all design elements. The second one was to have […]