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Code working != Done

You know why people are so keen on MVC frameworks? Because it forces developers to separate UI, data model and business logic. Sure, I have seen people still mixing responsibilities in MVC, but I have never seen such gigantic f**kups as with ASP.NET Web Forms. I am willing to bet that if you assign random […]

Microsoft WebMatrix

Last week I got notification of new Microsoft product release. Intrigued by some screenshots I decided to download and install Webmatrix. For those that cba to go to official site, Webmatrix is a combo of upgraded Visual studio WebDeveloper, IIS 7.5 express and MSDE. What is a big plus is that it knows kung-fu… Not […]

JQuery, AJAX and IE

On our FlipIT service web page, we experienced an interesting problem. There is a “Did you know” (DYK) section that refreshes upon clicking the link. Behind all that is an AJAX created with JQuery $.get method. All normal thus far. Until IE steps into the picture. I don’t know if the same behaviour is in […]

@Charset CSS command

Since I ported my notebook to Linux Mint, I started using Eclipse for web page development. Apparently nowadays, it is common practice to add @CHARSET “UTF-8”; to the top of your css files. Also, Eclipse does that by default, which is nice.

Designing the web for accesibility

I have been meaning to write this article for some time now. Never got around to write it. So… what am I on about? Well, remember all those beautiful web sites with latest design thing implemented. Enable Zoom Text Only in your Firefox browser (View->Zoom->Zoom Text Only) and zoom in or set larger fonts in […]

Flip IT services

Helped to create this web site (and some other stuff, but let’s focus on web site at the moment). The site is in Slovenian and it presents an awesome idea to virtualize the desktop to maximize security and maintenance for minimal costs. Writing HTML, CSS and JS for all those rounded buttons was fiddly, not […]

Absolute positioned objects hiding behind flash animation

Anyone dealing with HTML will or already has encountered an interesting behavior of embedded objects and absolute positioned objects. When embedded object (e.g. flash animation) is positioned over part or entire absolute positioned object, absolute position object is always displayed behind embedded one.

Notes rendering engine

About a year hence, it was time to refresh web design of my company’s web site. We decided to stick to new and improved web page standards and thus separate style and scripts from content. All well, but one simple thing. Our CMS never forced it’s users to use HTML in their code. We always […]

Custom web forms – Part 3: User input form

In parts 1 and 2, we looked at exporting forms to DXL and then importing them back. In this short article,we will look at a simple form that will allow users to assemble their own web form.

Microsoft Expressions SuperView beta

Ok. So this post is totally out of line. Be sure that it wouldn’t found it’s space up here if it wasn’t for it’s all around usability. Microsoft Expressions SuperView help you see how your website would behave in different browsers. You can read Expressions SuperView blog for further details or download and try it […]