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Web developer: Why 2017 feels exactly like 1997?

I don’t know how many of you, dear readers, remember still how it was like being a web developer in late 90s? You know, the time when not every kid knew how to do web-sites. The time of Geocities, Angelfire and Lycos. The time without Google (well, nearly). The time before cross-browser javascript frameworks and […]

Be on top of your game

There is this application I wrote several years ago that is in use for planning and reporting absences and vacation (also discussed here and most likely in some other article as well). Lately, I noticed the very same application working slower and slower to the point of users complaining. I decided to investigate.

Quick tip: Publishing a web application with MSBuild

We have this project, that is developed in house and at an outside contractor. Recently, we purchased and installed BuildMaster and tried to use it to automatically publish this project as well. As it occurs, it is not as easy to publish a .NET 3.5 web application as it is from Visual Studio. To cut […]