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@Charset CSS command

Since I ported my notebook to Linux Mint, I started using Eclipse for web page development. Apparently nowadays, it is common practice to add @CHARSET “UTF-8”; to the top of your css files. Also, Eclipse does that by default, which is nice.

Designing the web for accesibility

I have been meaning to write this article for some time now. Never got around to write it. So… what am I on about? Well, remember all those beautiful web sites with latest design thing implemented. Enable Zoom Text Only in your Firefox browser (View->Zoom->Zoom Text Only) and zoom in or set larger fonts in […]

Flip IT services

Helped to create this web site (and some other stuff, but let’s focus on web site at the moment). The site is in Slovenian and it presents an awesome idea to virtualize the desktop to maximize security and maintenance for minimal costs. Writing HTML, CSS and JS for all those rounded buttons was fiddly, not […]

Absolute positioned objects hiding behind flash animation

Anyone dealing with HTML will or already has encountered an interesting behavior of embedded objects and absolute positioned objects. When embedded object (e.g. flash animation) is positioned over part or entire absolute positioned object, absolute position object is always displayed behind embedded one.

Banner animator v1.1

In order to display multiple banners in single spot (and to keep web site from becoming tacky), you will need some sort of client side script that will display first one banner, then the second one etc. This is called banner animator (or even ad animator). In this case, the functionality is written in JavaScript, […]