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Upgrading Sametime to 8.5.1

I have upgraded company’s Sametime server recently. Yes, that is correct. Sametime server. Singular. We are not that big of a company per IBM measures and even if we were, we are only using IM function of it anyway, so there is no point of using more than one server. But that is not important.

Sametime 8 Business Card Problems

Recently we experienced an interesting issue with Sametime Business Card. There was a couple of our users for which business cards stated nothing more but their respective names. Not even an online status.

Sametime 8.5 rant

As upgrading to Domino 8.5.1 went so fine, it is time to upgrade our only Sametime server. Yes. Only Sametime server. We are a company of 80 and there is really no need for something more. Specially as we use WebEx as a meeting and conferencing software.

What not to do in multi-domain evnironment

There is one thing you oughtn’t do in multi-domain environment. Ever. We did it, as it was needed to successfully connect Cisco Click-to-call plug-in for Sametime with Cisco Presence server.

Installing Cisco ClickToCall plug-in for Sametime Client

We have deployed Sametime some year hence in the company. Now it was time to upgrade its functionality and click to call just sounded as the right one. Not only it removes the need for you to browse company directory for telephone number of a person you want to call (you just do that from […]

Installing Sametime Gateway 8

A long time ago, at work, we decided that since we have a working Sametime environment, we could top that and also install Sametime Gateway and thus connect our Sametime community to other IM communities like Yahoo and Google Talk.

Lotus Developer 2008 Europe Report

Day 0, Check-in The flight was OK, check-in without issues and registration to the conference was prompt, which scared the hell out of me. You know what they say. If everything goes right, something is bound to go terribly wrong. Conference registration people were kind enough to give me shoulder bag with loads and loads […]

Upgrading Domino running Sametime to 8.0.2 on Linux platform

One of the Achilles tendons for Domino thus far, has always been Linux release. There is not many users, not much of documentation, installers don’t always run without meddling with the code and you have to write your own code to start and stop Domino on system start/shut down. So why use Domino on Linux […]