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Be on top of your game

There is this application I wrote several years ago that is in use for planning and reporting absences and vacation (also discussed here and most likely in some other article as well). Lately, I noticed the very same application working slower and slower to the point of users complaining. I decided to investigate.

Quick tip: Telerik Reporting and export to PowerPoint

For a project of mine, I needed to export Telerik report to PDF, Excel and Powerpoint. Now, first two options you get out-of-the-box when using Telerik.Reporting dll file. The third one, however, is a bit more tricky. Setting a format to PTTX in RenderReport method of ReportProcessor will return rendering exception. Quick Google search led […]

Quick tip: Calling Wcf over ajax parser error problem

If you are using Telerik controls and you decide that it would be nice to have jQuery making an ajax call to your WCF service, make sure that you remove all instances of RadCompression http module from web.config (as described here) file or weird things will start to happen. In my case, WCF service should […]