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Annoyed people quit

I’ve been meaning to write this post ever since I read Rands post entitled Bored people quit (and I apologise to the original author for blatantly stealing the title). As far as I agree that boredom is important factor when people decide to quit, years of observation and experience brought me to conclusion that there […]

Issue tracking for beginners

I first met Trac several years ago at my previous gig for a cloud project we were developing at that point. Prior to that, we used some in-house support tool developed in Lotus Notes. Prior to that, I used Notepad. And let me tell you, everything you use for issue tracking is fine, as long […]

Crunch-time development

Remember the last time your boss roamed into your office/cubicle and asked you to add this one tiny feature to your project in a week? You were tempted to say it is not possible to do it in the time frame, but then you took into account that it looks and sounds as a small […]


To be honest, I have been meaning to write this post for years now, but never got around doing it. It took a recent incident (yes, let’s call it that) to remind me of this topic. You know, priorities are funny. We are taught about priorities since our birth, yet, when we reach adult age, […]

Absolute positioning = evil?

When I started to learn how to develop web pages, CSS was in it’s beginnings. It was in state that CSS3 was two years ago where each browser interpreted it in it’s own way and half of the stuff didn’t work in one of available browsers. This meant that unless you had a huge desire […]

I hate copy & paste coders

Software development is somewhat specific field. All you need to create an application is a computer, text editor, a compiler and some spare time and you are ready to go. And if you are developing in script language, you don’t even need a compiler. Hence, anybody with some spare time on their hands and an […]

The Great Expectations

When I was in high school, I preferred spending time programming than studying oh, let’s say geography. Even if I wasn’t programming or (let’s be frank) playing games, I still found numerous things I could do that were not studying. I even washed dishes after lunch. This of course resulted in not so stellar grades […]

Take a deep breath and think

I started working at age of 19. At that point, my solution to a given task was to jump and code. Mostly because that was all I knew how to do. Partly, because I never had problems with writing loads of code fast. However, whenever I seemed to be near the solution of a given […]

Code working != Done

You know why people are so keen on MVC frameworks? Because it forces developers to separate UI, data model and business logic. Sure, I have seen people still mixing responsibilities in MVC, but I have never seen such gigantic f**kups as with ASP.NET Web Forms. I am willing to bet that if you assign random […]

Changing the culture

The most difficult thing in any company is to change it’s culture. You see, companies are used to operate in certain frames of mind and they do not accept change lightly. Also, people have the tendency of sticking in comfort zone. Working in standard and set ways is nice and comfy. Why on earth would […]