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Adding content to Rich Text field in a document using QOA

I have found an interesting challenge last week. For some reason, I had to have a document on web that would show a computed table of products and there would be some content before and after. The trick however is, that we use some sort of CRM database for our web content and documents use […]

Design patterns – Part 4: Factory method pattern

Factory method pattern definition: The Factory method pattern defines an interface for creating and objects, but lets subclasses to decide which class they will create. Huh? I will try to present this pattern on a simple example. Imagine you work in a company that sales software. However, this software is, due to different laws, different […]

Securing Web Services

Last week I wrote my first web service (yay!). I am not going to write about that, as process of creating web services is nicely described at IBM developerworks. But, back to my service. The service is used to do some work that only my consumer application should be able to do. However, due to […]

Design patterns – Part 3: Singleton pattern

The simplest way to describe singleton class is to look at the definition: The Singleton Pattern ensures a class has only one instance, and provides a point of access to it. So why would you need that? Well, there are many objects you only need one of in your application (e.g. Logging, text trimming, for […]

Lotus Developer 2008 Europe Report

Day 0, Check-in The flight was OK, check-in without issues and registration to the conference was prompt, which scared the hell out of me. You know what they say. If everything goes right, something is bound to go terribly wrong. Conference registration people were kind enough to give me shoulder bag with loads and loads […]

Design patterns – Part 2: Decorator pattern

For those, skilled in Java development, Decorator patterns are nothing new, as they are quite common in Java, i.e. FileInputStream with it’s decorator BufferedInputStream class. The definition says: The Decorator Pattern attaches additional responsibilities to an object dynamically. More theoretical background can be found on Wikipedia.

Design patterns – Part 1: Strategy pattern

One of the simplest and most commonly used patterns is definitely strategy pattern. We cannot pass a boring definition, so here you go: The Strategy Pattern defines a family of algorithms, encapsulates each one, and makes them interchangeable. Strategy algorithm vary independently from clients that use it. You will find out that all strategy pattern […]

Design patterns and LotusScript

Design patterns are here to ease work to us developers. They present already made solutions to known problems. I will not go into philosophical debate about why they are practically not used in LotusScript. Instead, in future articles, I will try to present basic design patterns translated to LotusScript. For those that are already interested […]