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Banner animator v1.1

In order to display multiple banners in single spot (and to keep web site from becoming tacky), you will need some sort of client side script that will display first one banner, then the second one etc. This is called banner animator (or even ad animator). In this case, the functionality is written in JavaScript, […]

Custom web forms – Part 2: Importing Form from DXL

In the second part of Custom web forms series I will try to cover import of simple form to Notes database from DXL file. If you wonder how to export a form to DXL, please check Part 1: Exporting Form into DXL.

Custom web forms – Part 1: Exporting Form into DXL

The one thing that in my opinion always lacked in Lotus Notes was the ability for users without designer access (and much knowledge of HTML) to build their own custom forms. One might argue that it is not that big of a deal and that it would take an experienced developer approximately one hour to […]

Rules of engagement

There are two rules I always respect and usually follow: If a code compiles and seems to work in first try, there is something terribly wrong with it. Never, ever, under no circumstances, move anything in production on Friday. I urge you not to break one of these rules, no matter how confident you feel […]

Custom user sidebars in web applications

When I was assigned to rebuild company’s web site for the second time in 7 or 8 years, I have decided that it is probably the time to implement some modularity to the database. First in line were sidebars. Why? Well, despite “awesome” notes rich text to HTML rendering, web content was always contained in […]

Calling Java classes from LotusScript

Have you ever wondered how you could call already written and quite useful Java classes in your LotusScript code? To me, this moment was, when I was trying to implement other department’s code into my own. Unfortunately I wasn’t skilled enough in ways of object development, LS2J  and googling back then to actually figure out […]

Adding content to Rich Text field in a document using QOA

I have found an interesting challenge last week. For some reason, I had to have a document on web that would show a computed table of products and there would be some content before and after. The trick however is, that we use some sort of CRM database for our web content and documents use […]

Transaction logging class for Google Analytics

At work, we are using Google Analytics tool to monitor user behaviour on our web pages. One of the things we really desired in earlier versions and is now finally available is e-commerce transaction logging. This extension uses passed data in many cool ways, creating several impressive reports (e.g. how many times a user visited […]

Organizing Notes Web Applications

This one might sound a bit of a “d’oh” to experienced Lotus Notes developers. However, in my experience most of young Notes developers that are just starting to float (and even some swimming ones) are lacking ideas how to organize their Lotus Notes database.