Even though IBM posted an article regarding OO development in LotusScript back in 2001(!) on their developerWorks web site, I am still amazed as to how many Lotus application developers choose to avoid using custom made classes today. I discovered there are two major reasons for that:

  1. There is no helper support for custom made classes in Lotus Designer, which is a disturbing factor.
  2. Developers are not familiar with OO development guidelines and techniques.

All I can advise to anyone is to do it now. It is absolutely worth it as your code will be easier to understand and easier to maintain. Also, release of Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 is nearing and it will finally bring user friendly tools and helpers for custom classes in Lotus Designer (or so it is advertised).

For those not familiar with OO guidelines and techniques, there are some great articles about it on the Internet and Wikipedia. Dive in.

N.B. Please, don’t over-engineer your code. it really is not necessary to write a class for each and every agent/script library you write.