A long time ago, at work, we decided that since we have a working Sametime environment, we could top that and also install Sametime Gateway and thus connect our Sametime community to other IM communities like Yahoo and Google Talk.

So we did and it worked. For about two months. Then suddenly we couldn’t connect to Yahoo community. I had to reinstall Sametime Gateway from the start, apply a certificate again and then we got connected. Or to be more precise, the Gateway got connected. None of us could get a connection to any Yahoo contacts and vice-versa. I posted on Sametime fora and checked for response regularly. No response.

Then, few days ago, I came across this Technote. After we applied all steps, we suddenly got Yahoo awareness and yahoo contacts got our awareness back as well.

So, remember. Even though, you have followed Gateway install instructions step by step it will not bring you to a working environment. You need to use the Technote, open additional IP addresses on firewall, install fix-pack and fix Yahoo server list in Sametime Gateway WebSphere plug-in.