One would think, creating and running web services on ND8 should not be incompatible with ND7 process. Wrong. There are a few quite important differences when creating web services on ND8 instead of ND7.

  1. You can now create clients. The one we’ve all been waiting for since ND7 came out.
  2. Web services created/built on ND8 don’t work on ND7 anymore! So, keep in mind that if you are running web services on ND7, you shouldn’t upgrade your designer to release 8 just yet.
  3. You can now use Java libraries when creating web services in Java. You couldn’t in ND7.
  4. You can now have port class defined in a script library when creating web services using LotusScript. This was not possible in ND7.
  5. You can now return empty array. if you wanted to do this in ND7, you had to create a class, containing an array and then return object of that class.
  6. More SOAP error handling elements.