At work, we experienced an interesting problem. We use public servers names.nsf to register new web users. However, a couple of months back, that suddenly stopped working. A person document was created, user was added to all required groups, but upon login, a user would obtain an error that he is not authorized to perform that operation. The only thing that did the trick was to restart domino server.

We opened PMR and had a huge testing with IBM support team. However, it was not until LotusSphere, when one of our developers got a hint we never expected. In servers .ini file, there was a following line: NLCACHE_VERSION=4. Now, apparently setting NLCACHE_VERSION to value 4 causes some sort of a bug that stops cache from refreshing. However, if you delete parameter from .ini file, default value of 2 will be set for this parameter and everything will work just fine.