About a year hence, it was time to refresh web design of my company’s web site. We decided to stick to new and improved web page standards and thus separate style and scripts from content. All well, but one simple thing. Our CMS never forced it’s users to use HTML in their code. We always relied on Notes rendering engine to render Notes documents body contents to what should be displayed on the web.

Not a good idea. I don’t know, when was the last time, someone at IBM took a look at their rendering engine, but this just isn’t it. Unordered lists don’t close, leading to a total mess of your layout. On numerous occasions, a div tag marked as pass through text got put to the bottom of contents and not at the spot where it was in the body field, leading to some more confusion. And what killed it for me was a sudden br tag flood in the HTML for no apparent reason. All 6 of them were gone when text was put in the same line as pass through text and appeared right after I put the text back in new line. And all of this appeared randomly, which amused me for a while.

So, I guess it is no wonder, why there are so many CMS application in Notes, where content needs to be entered as HTML. However, in my experience, you as a developer or admin of such system can be glad if a content editor knows how to use Lotus Notes.