A funny thing happened to our servers on multiple occasions. Server system time was not equal to Domino server time. Some times they were even as much as 5 minutes apart.

After contacting IBM support and filling that standard questionnaire, they provided us with a link to knowledge-base article containing a solution.

To summarize an article…

1) If you are running 8.0.2, install fix-pack 1 immediately. This will solve the issue.

2) If you are running inferior versions, you can use SERVER_TIMESYNC_INTERVAL ini file parameter. Values are:

  • SERVER_TIMESYNC_INTERVAL = 1 – every 5min (default)
  • SERVER_TIMESYNC_INTERVAL = 2 – every 1min
  • SERVER_TIMESYNC_INTERVAL = 3 – every 60min
  • SERVER_DISABLE_TIMESYNC = 1 – disable polling

Remember to restart the server after applying this setting.