So it is a year ago and some days since I officially joined blogging community. I started this blog with not many expectations. Just wanted to post my development rants/tips/hints/whatever somewhere in the visible web. I started of writing a post a week. Unfortunately real life started meddling, and that was soon reduced to 1 post biweekly. And this is most likely the format I will stick to, as it is damn hard to write something worth reading every 7 days.

Now to what every geek likes. Statistics. But not more than just enough to wet your nose.

In past year, more than 3300 of you decided to read what was posted here. And some of you even returned for more. Way above my expectations, to be quite honest. Most of you were from USA (1.2K), followed by UK, Germany, Slovenia and India.

FireFox was most used browser (51%), even thought some of you used IE (38%). Which is a bit different from world stats. Not that I mind.

Most read articles would be (in order of views): Exporting form into DXL, Microsoft Expression Superview Beta, Design patterns series and a rant about Notes rendering engine. Most surprising is high placement of Microsoft thingy and on blog that focuses on Lotus technology. The fact that DXL is still such a popular topic is not that surprising, as documentation and Notes help are still too vague about that. Thankfully now, there are examples included. When I started using DXL for exporting documents to Wiki and Atom format, that was still not the case.

Unfortunately, my work orientation is lately changing to technologies not connected to Lotus. I do hope I will be able to keep up in the future.