With the abundance of posts out there, I thought I would chip in my 5 cents worth. Yes, I know I am a bit late.

Release 8.5.1 is for LotusScript developer everything he could ever hope for. Specially if you are into OO programming. Finally you don’t have to check your old classes what parameters they take, you can easily locate them by going to class definition and helper works. Now, you have really no excuse to start OO development in LotusScript.

On the other hand, 8.5.1 introduced some strange bugs. My colleague found an interesting bug while editing forms. For some reason, formula wasn’t saved when the document was. I think he solved it by removing formula completely and then re-pasting it back. Another funny thing is code formatting. Still not working properly. Hope to see it solved in 8.5.2.

Don’t get me wrong. I take 8.5.1 over any release any day.