Recently we experienced an interesting issue with Sametime Business Card. There was a couple of our users for which business cards stated nothing more but their respective names. Not even an online status.

I have asked our users to log off and log on to Sametime, to restart their Notes Client. Heck, I even rebooted Sametime server. Nothing worked. I have scanned Sametime fora and googled for solution, but nothing was found (or perhaps I wasn’t persistent enough). The only thing I found somewhat useful was a link to an XML file that is served by Sametime server when requesting a business card. That XML looked OK.

What eventually was a reason for this, and I am yet to understand a logic behind it, was that the image we have set up to show in business card was too big.  It is a known fact that Sametime cannot handle images larger than about 20k in business cards. We shrunk both images and voila! business cards now work OK.