Last week I got notification of new Microsoft product release. Intrigued by some screenshots I decided to download and install Webmatrix. For those that cba to go to official site, Webmatrix is a combo of upgraded Visual studio WebDeveloper, IIS 7.5 express and MSDE. What is a big plus is that it knows kung-fu… Not really. But it knows PHP as well, which is nice.

As far as UI goes, it is a bit awkward. Much like Office one. Also, it is not intuitive how to create a web site. I found Emtpy web site under Site from template option. However, this is just a small bump up the road. The fact that there are so many usable features like site report and easy database management and possibility of importing projects like WordPress and Drupal just proves that this is a serious start-up product. And on top of it it is free (yes, like beer).

Anyway… more info can be located on their official website. I suggest you give it a go.