I have upgraded company’s Sametime server recently. Yes, that is correct. Sametime server. Singular. We are not that big of a company per IBM measures and even if we were, we are only using IM function of it anyway, so there is no point of using more than one server. But that is not important.

Relying on my previous, not always positive, experiences with an upgrade, I did my homework thoroughly now. Prior to the installation, I have read the installation and upgrade guide, I have checked all possible blogs to see if I can experience any glitches with the upgrade itself and for the last time, I have consulted great blog article about various Sametime 8.5 products. Specially as I was to upgrade our Linux system and Domino server prior to that.

I did all that… Only to discover I don’t need it as installation is nowadays a piece of cake. Even on Linux platforms. IBM really did a great job. The one I liked the most was Domino installation. It recognizes that you are running it from console and asks you if you want to install it in console mode. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but It saved me a lot of trouble trying to figure out what the switch to do that was called.

Sametime installation still requires that switch, but it tells you what it is when it cannot install in graphical mode.

So, upgrade took me all 2 and a half hours and even that because I have not moved new clients to the server prior installation. Excellent and painless.