When I started this blog, a page theme was the last thing on my mind and to be honest, I thought a generic one would do. As more time passed, I started noticing things that I really didn’t like. For instance, a search window was a background image and cursor was not centered. Or the fact that the site corrupted in an instant someone had different font size. Thus, as you might have noticed in recent days, the site got a long needing and deserving design and content overhaul. Lord and behold, what you are seeing now is my first ever custom WordPress theme named Lotushints (how original).

Idea was to get rid of that early 2000s rich web site outlook and go for pure simplicity. Also, I wanted to organize articles a bit. Thus, categories were reduced from 20 (!) down to 3:

  • Tech stuff – where all technical and development articles are located;
  • Geekland – where you can find my rants, observations and interesting things from tech world outside software development;
  • Book reviews – for occasional rant or recommendation about books I read and found worthy writing about.

All three categories found place in main navigation as well, which meant I could scratch Categories section from right sidebar. I also decided to put entire blog archive in the main navigation as it is way too long to act as a normal sidebar item. All that sidebar item scrapping meant that I could easily move from two sidebar layout to only one, which leaves more space for articles.

That’s it really. I would really like to hear your opinions though.