For a project of mine, I needed to export Telerik report to PDF, Excel and Powerpoint. Now, first two options you get out-of-the-box when using Telerik.Reporting dll file. The third one, however, is a bit more tricky. Setting a format to PTTX in RenderReport method of ReportProcessor will return rendering exception. Quick Google search led me to Telerik help page, where I found out that to use PPTX as output format, I also need to use OpenXMLReporting extension for Telerik.Reporting. Thankfully, extension is included with Telerik Reporting product.

I put dll to my project and added reference to it and after solution rebuild, I tried to export to PowerPoint format again. Same failure. After some more googling, I have found link to support ticket, where it further explains that one needs an OpenXML SDK 2.0 for OpenXMLRendering extension to work. OpenXML SDK 2.0 is not included in Telerik Reporting and must be downloaded from the internet. I installed the SDK, copied dll to my project and added reference to it. Another rebuild and… it worked.

So, to keep long story short. To export Telerik report to PowerPoint format, you will need:

  • OpenXMLReporting extension that you can find in Telerik Reporting installation directory.
  • OpenXML SDK 2.0 that you can find here.