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Raspberry Pi drone – Part 1 – Overview

This article is in fact a second one in a Rapberry Pi drone series. Previous article can be read here. In Part 1 I will cover basic overview of drone architecture and elaborate on components used. As the image below displays, this project will need: main controller, 2 batteries, 4 brush-less motors, 4 ESC controllers, […]

Raspberry Pi drone – Prelude

Lately, I just could not find motivation to work on my side-project, hence I spent my time procrastinating on a well known video sharing social website. Purely for motivation purposes that is. Yeah. That is it. Purely for motivation purposes. During my procrastination… ummm… motivation period, I have encountered a vlog of a guy doing […]

Json serialization gone wrong

Recently, I have been dealing with too many issues regarding .NET Json serialization on one side and Javascript (de)serialization on the other, to keep confidence in this technology. From DateTime serialization issues, to the mere fact that serializing DateTime.MinValue causes a fatal crash, because UTC time is less than minimal allowed DateTime value. But the […]

Out of memory exception using Newtonsoft.Json package

Newtonsoft.Json package is probably one of the most essential packages in .NET software development. For those of you, not knowing what it does. It takes care of object serialization to JSON notation and deserilaization from JSON notation. I have used this package in numerous projects since its inception and I can only say great things […]

Bug tracking – yes or no

Yesterday, I encountered an article on Medium titled A Better Bug Tracker by Anthony Sciamanna. The author goes to great lengths describing why bug trackers are unnecessary and point to the problem in your development workflow. Further, Mr. Sciamanna quotes Uncle Bob Martin (self proclaimed Software Craftsman):   “Think about what it means to use […]

What I learned last week… uh… months

It has been a long time, since I have written a post. Reasons vary. Most of it is down to my laziness and limitations to my spare time. Some of it is down to lack of motivation as well. Anyway, during several last months I have, surprisingly, learned many new things. I limited my pick […]

What I learned last week at work #3

In a 3 day week, I only managed to learn how to get distinct IP addresses from log file. How to get distinct IP addresses from log file For a customer of ours, I had to screen two years of log files and find distinct IP addresses for certain criteria. You could check those log […]

What I learned last week at work #2

It’s been a quiet week at work. Fixing a bug here and there, implementing minor features, writing some documentation etc etc. Hence, this weeks findings are not programming related. Without further ado, here is what I learned last week: Windows 10 app restart on unexpected shutdown (or after update restart) cannot be disabled; Solving ‘PkgMgr.exe […]

What I learned last week at work

I am a firm believer of a fact, that if you are not learning anything new at your work, it is time to move out of that comfort zone, pack your bags and find a gig where you will. Lately, my work shifted and consists of 99% maintenance grunt work and 1% of actual new […]

Quick tip: Optimizing repeating try-catch-finally statement

Lately, I’ve started noticing a pattern in data layer of one of our projects at work. The pattern looks like this: SqlConnection connection = null; SqlTransacton transaction = null; try { connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString); connection.Open(); transaction = connection.BeginTransaction(“transactionName”); // execute database queries and do mapping and stuff } catch (Exception) { if (null != […]