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Json serialization gone wrong

Recently, I have been dealing with too many issues regarding .NET Json serialization on one side and Javascript (de)serialization on the other, to keep confidence in this technology. From DateTime serialization issues, to the mere fact that serializing DateTime.MinValue causes a fatal crash, because UTC time is less than minimal allowed DateTime value. But the […]

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a belated merry Christmas and a really happy, healthy and successful New Year 2014. For this blog, I only wish I had inspiration, time and energy to write more posts than in 2013. However, as is with most new year’s resolutions, this one will most likely fail as well.

Re-joining 21st century

After a short stint at Twitter in its early days, we are now re-joining the 21st century. So, you can also follow as on @LotusHints . Yeay 🙂