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Other developer essentials: Part III – Pen and paper

In the olden days, when I was just starting my foray into the programming world (you know, late 80s, early 90s) we had this programming courses at our school. In this courses basic programming idea and knowledge was passed to us from old guys (you know in their 40s) with glasses and white lab coats. […]

Other Developer Essentials: Part II – Spell checker

Spell checker? Really? Really. When I look at the code, pages, error messages etc. full of spelling mistakes, my first assumption is that people behind this piece of software just don’t care about their customers and/or code. You can’t tell me you are passionate about your product, when you don’t care enough to make it […]

Other Developer Essentials: Part I – Wiki

I hope that in this day and age we all agree that project documentation is a must and not just an afterthought. No? We should be. But in case you work at one of those places where documentation is frowned upon (“Why waste time writing documentation, when you can code. Right?”), just take my word […]


I have been quiet for a while now (and I appologise) for two reasons. One was, that I spend 4 days abroad and another that I increased my studies for final MCPD web development exam (Microsoft 70-519). Yes, I know the certification will soon be useless as MCSD is going to take over. But (and […]

Quick tip: Compile and deploy web application from command line (or script)

Sooner or later, your .NET web application project will gather helping hands and it is at that point that you will realize that deployment from Visual Studio is just not good enough. Yes, I know Microsoft did a grand job with their deployment scheme in Visual Studio, but let’s be honest. That only works if […]

Creating transparent CStatic control in MFC

For a side project, I am working on in my spare time since college, I needed to create a splash screen. Finally. Eleven years after version 1.0 and we are thinking splash screen. Anyway, the splash screen must contain a custom image as a background, a progress bar to display how the initialization is progressing […]

Quick tip: Do not use CDNs in intranet applications

I am sure there are plenty of reasons to use CDNs while developing public internet application, but when you are developing intranet applications, it is better to stay off CDNs and use local resources. Specially for young developers, who have grown up with them, it is difficult to see why. Here are my four reasons […]

Be on top of your game

There is this application I wrote several years ago that is in use for planning and reporting absences and vacation (also discussed here and most likely in some other article as well). Lately, I noticed the very same application working slower and slower to the point of users complaining. I decided to investigate.

Opening new mail window from C# windows application

There are some things that are unreasonably difficult even in this day of age. Well, not exactly difficult. Let’s say programmer unfriendly. For instance, opening a new mail window in your default mail client from windows .NET application. Preferably with address filled in. Google for it and you will get the same answer I did. […]

Unit testing

Unit testing has been around for ages (or at least since 1986, when IEEE standard on unit testing was confirmed). It still surprises me, though, how many people just won’t do unit testing. Reasons they state differ, but most of the times I hear something along the lines of: “Unit testing is too time consuming […]